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Fairview Orchards - 100% Certified Organic Jujubes

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These delicious Jujube Fruit have the consistency and delicate taste of a sweet crisp apple, maturing from green to brown and eventually red and wrinkled, looking like a small date. This ancient fruit has been traditionally enjoyed at every stage - eaten fresh, dried or candied - preserving the precious fruit to enjoy year round. The Jujube Fruit is important throughout Asia both for its culinary tradition and health benefits.

The Jujube Fruit's sweet smell is believed to make teenagers fall in love, so in the Himalaya region, boys take a stem of sweet-smelling jujube flowers with them or put it on their hats to attract girls. In the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, the Jujube Fruit was often placed in the newlyweds' bedroom as a good luck charm for fertility. They are also believed to alleviate stress and are full of antioxidants and vitamin C. Since the skin and flesh of the Jujube Fruit can be eaten raw, it's important that we grow them organically. Never sprayed with any synthetic chemicals. Handpicked fresh and shipped directly to you within 24 hours.

The season is pretty short so we love 'em eaten fresh right off the tree, but I also like to simmer the whole Jujube Fruit in a little sugar water to enjoy like a mini poached pear in a tart or with ice cream. It's also a delicious accompaniment with a variety of cheeses.

    Fairview Orchards is a family owned & operated farm that grows certified organic fruit such as Hass Avocados, Meyer Lemons, Jujubes & Pomegranates. Hand-picked and delivered fresh, we practice traditional & sustainable farming methods. Our farm is powered by solar energy and is nestled in Ojai, California surrounded by rolling hills and the majestic Topa Topa mountains. We have naturally enriched soil and a wonderful micro-climate that our trees love.